Frequently Asked Questions

What time can we check in?

Check-in time is between 3pm and 10pm.

Can you keep our luggage if we arrive before 3pm?

Yes, we can keep your luggage as long as your arrival is after 9am.

What is the mode of payment?

Please be prepared to pay for your full stay in advance (in Japanese Yen) upon your arrival.
Also, please be aware that although there are many ATMs in the area,
some of them are not available 24 hours a day.

Do you accept payments through credit cards too?

We accept only CASH (Japanese Yen) while check-in. .
There are serval International ATMs around our hotel and there is an Information center which is able to exchange money..
If you need more information, please kindly come to the reception..

Are there any ATMs or banks around the area?

Yes, there is a post office near Tawaramachi station with an International ATM.
(weekdays: until 6pm; weekends: until 5pm)
and a 7-Eleven with an ATM (open 24 hours) right across the street.
Please note that in Japan the Japanese bank ATMs only accept cards with PLUS or CIRRUS logo on your cards.

What time does the building entrance close?

We do not have a curfew. After you check-in, you are free to come and go as you please, 24 hours a day.

What time do we have to check out?

Our check-out time is 10am. So please get ready to check out before 10am.

We will leave very early in the morning. How can we check out?

Just drop your room key into the small key hole in front of the reception window. That's it.

Can we leave our luggage after check out?

Yes, we can keep your luggage (no charge!) until 3pm in our office.

We will be away for a few days and come back to stay in your hostel again.
Can you keep our luggage while we are away?

Yes, we can keep your luggage as long as you have another reservation with us in the near future.

Can children stay too?

Sorry, we do not permit children under 4 years old.

What is the difference between the Double and Twin rooms?

We put one double-sized mattress in the Double rooms and 2 Japanese mattresses (futon) in the Twin rooms.

Is there a private bathroom in each room?

All private rooms on the 1st and 2nd floors have private sinks,
Western-style toilets and private shower/bath facilities.
There are shared bathrooms (toilets, showers, sinks and men & women separate)
for the guests who stay on the 3rd floor.

Are there towels and shampoo in the rooms?

There are towels, Japanese bathrobe (yukata), two-in-one shampoo, body wash,
toothbrushes, and hair dryers in the private rooms on the 1st and 2nd floor.
There are no amenities in the rooms on the 3rd floor but we rent a towel for 100 yen.

Are there safety boxes?

Yes, we have padlocked lockers in the dormitory area only.
Please ask for a key at the reception desk. There is no additional charge!

Is there a kitchen that we can use?

We're sorry, we don't have a kitchen for our guests in the 1st and 2nd floors,
but there is a refrigerator, a microwave oven, and a pot for hot water.
For guests in the 3rd floor, there is a kitchenette that has refrigerator, a microwave oven,
a sink, plates/silverwares, and an electric pot for hot water.

Do you offer any meals?

Sorry, but we don't offer any meals but there are many good restaurants around the area.
We have information and can help you find a good place to eat.

Is there a computer that we can access the Internet?

Yes, we have some free computers with Internet connections available.

Is there a wireless network?

YES, we have added free Wi-Fi Internet access for the whole building.