Inside Toukaisou

The Entrance *It is always open so possible go out and come back any time.

The reception *Opening at 8AM to 11PM.

Talk to us about your trip.

Quiet and cozy atmosphere.

PC,micro wave and fridge are available *Sheard.

Public phone(International phone call)available

Asakusa is the best place to feel Edo culture.

We work on providing profitable information for your travel.

Feel free to ask us at the reception, it is our pleasure to support you.

For easy and convenient travel.


A lot of activities.

Public bath place, highly recommended.

Tea time under the sky.


Lucky charm from Tori no ichi festival has more than 200 years history.

Up to 2nd floor.


Clean water supply, electronic kettle*Only while the reception is closed.

Washing machine and dryer *Available 24H.

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Inside Toukaisou