Walk around town in a kimono fitted by a professional

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We have a 42-year history of doing business as a traditional Japanese inn ("ryokan") in Asakusa. About 8 years ago we became a traditional Japanese inn geared toward non-Japanese customers and since then have had the pleasure of accomodating thousands of travelers from all over the world.
Our town has also undergone a few changes over the decades. Home to one of the most popular tourist spots and the oldest temple in Tokyo, Sensouji Temple, this area will soon become (Spring 2012) home of the newest tourist spot: the tallest tower in the world, Tokyo Sky Tree (634m).
We started thinking how we here at Toukaisou could offer something to add to the flavor of this area and decided upon something that is inherently Japanese and deeply "woven" into our culture: Japanese kimono. Nowadays, even Japanese women do not have so many opportunities to wear kimono in their everyday lives. We hope that having an authentic Japanese kimono fitted by a licensed kimono master will contribute an unforgettably unique experience to your stay here.
Take a stroll through Asakusa wearing a kimono.Not many have the chance of wearing an authentic Japanese kimono fitted by a licensed kimono master and we think it is an experience not easily forgotten.


Special price: 3,500 yen / person.

Includes: Kimono rental, fitting and accessories

*Guests will have a kimono fitted in their own rooms.A private room on either the 1st or 2nd floor must be reserved for 2 nights or more.Each guest may only use this service once per stay. We mustlimit our service to non-Japanese females only and then up to five people per day.

In order to convey this special part of our Japanese heritage to guests here in Japan, we would like to offer this service to visiting female guests only. Of course, if you are Japanese and would like to share a special memory with a friend who is visiting Japan, we can have you both in kimono together.

Thank you for your understanding.

*Kimono hours: 2pm - 8pm (fitting hours: 2pm - 4pm)

*You can bring your own kimono but the price does not change.

*No kimono service on Tuesdays (there may be other times when we cannot offer the service as well).

*There may be days where we cannot accommodate everyone; thank you for your understanding.

*Please be ready at your reserved time.

Cancellation policy

If you must cancel, please let us know at least one day in advance.

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However, sometimes messages may be automatically routed to your JUNK folder.
To help prevent this, please add our email to your addressbook.
If you do not receive a reply after 24 hours, pleasesend us an email directly atinfo@toukaisou.com.

I wish you will enjoy Kimono and make you feeling like us.
It will never be forgettable.

It will be an unforgettable experience.

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